What is Metaverse Media?

What is Metaverse Media?

Hello! Welcome to Metaverse Media! You might be confused as to what Metaverse is exactly. To put it simply, we’re a group of people who believe that the world is full of interesting things, and we want to share those interesting things with the world. Our goal here is to make you, the reader, viewer, listener, say, “Why is nobody talking about this?”

We started Metaverse because as a group of young writers, we found it hard to publish the work we all really wanted to write. Our team comes from a variety of academic backgrounds and all enjoy writing for ourselves, but just because we are writing for ourselves doesn’t mean we don’t want to share with others. Metaverse is that place for us, a place where we’re allowed to write about what interests us. Everything on Metaverse is created out of passion, rather than obligation.