Embarking on a Sacred Journey: Seventh-day Adventist Church Explores Metaverse for Worship and Community

In a groundbreaking stride towards embracing digital evangelism, the Seventh-day Adventist Church in South America has ventured into the metaverse, creating a virtual space that transcends geographical boundaries. 

This innovative initiative has garnered attention for its immersive experience, fostering worship services, Bible studies, and community activities in a three-dimensional virtual environment.

A New Dimension of Worship

The official site of the religious digital project
The Adventist Church’s metaverse space offers a transformative experience to individuals worldwide

By utilizing personalized avatars, participants from diverse corners of the globe can actively engage in worship services and community activities within a dynamic three-dimensional setting. This pioneering move places the Adventist Church at the forefront of religious adaptation to new technologies, signaling a commitment to embracing the digital age.

Digital Strategies Director’s Insight

Carlos Magalhães, the Director of Digital Strategies for the South American Division, underscores the significance of this venture. “This initiative puts the Adventist Church at the forefront of religious adaptation to new technologies,” he affirms. Since 2021, the Adventist Church has been experimenting with prayer and Bible study groups in various metaverse platforms, laying the groundwork for this expansive initiative.

Nurturing Faith Beyond Borders

A church in the digital dimension
The design of the environment developed by the Associação Paulista Central

The metaverse space curated by the Adventist Church features diverse areas of activity, encompassing facets like Pathfinders and Adventurers, ADRA, Feliz7Play, Adventist Education, and other ministries. This multifaceted approach aims to provide a comprehensive virtual experience that mirrors the varied ministries and initiatives within the physical church.

Enhancing Accessibility and Inclusivity

A core objective of the church’s metaverse presence is to enhance accessibility. By creating a virtual space, the Adventist Church ensures that individuals with physical limitations can actively participate in religious activities. The commitment to inclusivity extends to making the platform accessible, fostering a sense of belonging for a diverse digital congregation.

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Positive Reception and Future Expansion

The reaction to the South American Division’s metaverse space has been overwhelmingly positive. Enthusiastic members have embraced the opportunity to explore their faith innovatively, utilizing the virtual space to organize study and prayer meetings. Despite concerns about potential risks in the virtual world, the church emphasizes that its metaverse presence is not a replacement for physical churches but a complementary avenue for connecting with digital generations.

Balancing Innovation and Tradition

Acknowledging that new technologies can evoke doubts, Carlos Magalhães addresses concerns by emphasizing that the church’s metaverse presence is not intended to replace physical church experiences. Instead, it serves as an additional means of connecting people and sharing the Gospel with digital generations. As with any technology, the church is committed to guiding its members through responsible and meaningful engagement in the metaverse.

The Unfolding Journey: Plans for Expansion

Launching the Adventist Church’s metaverse space begins a dynamic journey into virtual religious experiences. Plans are underway to expand activities in the metaverse, incorporating educational programs and community events. This forward-looking approach positions the Adventist Church as a trailblazer in utilizing digital platforms for religious outreach.


As the Seventh-day Adventist Church pioneers digital evangelism through the metaverse, it sets a precedent for religious institutions embracing technological advancements. The immersive experience offered in this virtual space reflects a commitment to reaching diverse audiences and fostering a sense of community in the digital realm. As the journey unfolds, the Adventist Church stands poised to bridge the gap between tradition and innovation, shaping the future of religious engagement in the digital age.

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