Naver Z’s ZEPETO Expands Horizons: Metaverse Collaboration with Sharjah Media City

In a move signaling the global expansion of metaverse platforms, Naver Z, the operator of South Korea’s popular ZEPETO, has entered a strategic partnership with Sharjah Media City in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). This collaboration aims to elevate the existing virtual reality ecosystem within Sharjah’s media service hub, fostering metaverse-related technologies and offering new business opportunities for global entrepreneurs in the creative and media industries.

Unlocking Metaverse Potential in Sharjah

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The agreement was signed on December 11

On December 11, Naver Z officially announced the signing of an agreement with the operator of Sharjah Media City to collaborate on metaverse content and immersive technologies. Sharjah Media City, situated in the vibrant city of Sharjah, plans to leverage Naver Z’s expertise to enhance its virtual reality offerings. 

As part of the collaboration, discussions will take place on promoting Sharjah Media City within the ZEPETO platform. This strategic initiative is expected to attract attention to the media accelerator zone and create synergies between the creative communities in South Korea and the UAE.

Educational Programs and Startup Nurturing

Beyond content collaboration, the partnership outlines plans for educational programs focused on metaverse content production. These programs aim to equip individuals within the media service hub with the skills and knowledge needed to thrive in the rapidly evolving metaverse ecosystem. The collaborative effort extends to nurturing creators and startups, fostering innovation and growth within the metaverse space.

The partnership’s foundation was laid during a visit by Sharjah’s deputy ruler, Sheikh Sultan bin Muhammad Al-Qasimi, to Naver Z’s office building in Seongnam, a key satellite city in Seoul. The visit allowed the deputy ruler and Sharjah Media City’s chairman, Khalid Omar Al Midfa, to explore the capabilities of ZEPETO, including the application of artificial intelligence within the platform.

Metaverse Integration Across Sectors

The incorporation of metaverse platforms is becoming increasingly prevalent across diverse sectors. In South Korea, for example, metaverse technologies are bridging online and offline spaces. The country’s leading convenience store chain, CU, notably manages an online store within the ZEPETO metaverse.

Naver’s information board in the digital space

Emergen Research predicts substantial growth in the global metaverse market, which is projected to reach $828.9 billion by 2028. This collaboration between Naver Z and Sharjah Media City positions both entities at the forefront of this transformative wave in immersive digital experiences.

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Bridging Cultures through Metaverse Collaboration

Naver Z’s collaboration with Sharjah Media City exemplifies the metaverse’s power to bridge cultures and create global connections. As ZEPETO’s reach extends to the dynamic landscape of Sharjah, the partnership is set to elevate the local metaverse ecosystem and contribute to the broader narrative of the metaverse as a catalyst for innovation, education, and cross-cultural collaboration.

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