ZEPETO Ascends as a Metaverse Titan: Unveiling Its Web3 Innovation, ZTXofficial

In the rapidly expanding universe of virtual worlds, ZEPETO has emerged as the third-largest metaverse, trailing only behind giants Fortnite and Roblox. This remarkable achievement sets the stage for its latest venture into the Web3 space with ZTXofficial, ZEPETO’s ambitious project poised to redefine digital interaction and ownership. As the open beta goes live, ZEPETO introduces a suite of innovative features, including Genesis Homes Integration, Crafting Capsules, Dark Matter, and the ability to harvest and craft NFTs. Metaversemedia.co delves into the details of these updates, exploring how ZEPETO’s Web3 baby is shaping the future of online communities and digital assets.

ZEPETO’s Web3 Foray with ZTXofficial

Some gameplay from the promo video.

ZEPETO’s venture into the Web3 realm with ZTXofficial represents a significant milestone in its evolution. This initiative aims to blend the platform’s vast social networking capabilities with blockchain technology, offering users unprecedented control over their digital assets and experiences. The open beta launch of ZTXofficial marks the beginning of this journey, inviting users to explore a world where creativity, ownership, and innovation converge.

New Updates and Features

Looks like there’s gonna be plenty of features!
  1. Open Beta is Live: The launch of the open beta invites users worldwide to experience ZTXofficial firsthand. This phase is crucial for gathering user feedback and refining the platform to ensure a seamless integration of Web3 features with ZEPETO’s existing ecosystem.
  2. Genesis Homes Integration: One of the standout features is the introduction of Genesis Homes, a concept that allows users to own and personalize their space within the metaverse. This integration, particularly favored by Jeffrey, an avid supporter of ZEPETO, highlights the platform’s commitment to creating immersive, user-centric environments.
  3. Crafting Capsules & Dark Matter: ZTXofficial introduces Crafting Capsules and Dark Matter, innovative elements that enable users to create and customize unique items and experiences. These features not only enhance the creative possibilities within ZEPETO but also lay the groundwork for a dynamic economy based on user-generated content.
  4. Harvesting & Crafting NFTs: Perhaps the most transformative update is the ability for users to harvest resources and craft their own NFTs. This functionality democratizes the creation and ownership of digital assets, allowing users to mint, trade, and showcase NFTs within the ZEPETO ecosystem and beyond.

Implications for the Metaverse Landscape

ZEPETO’s foray into Web3 with ZTXofficial signifies a bold step forward in the evolution of virtual worlds. By integrating blockchain technology, ZEPETO is not just enhancing its platform but also contributing to the broader discourse on digital ownership, creativity, and community building in the metaverse. These updates position ZEPETO as a pioneering force in the transition towards a more decentralized and user-empowered digital future.


As ZEPETO continues to ascend in the ranks of the metaverse, its Web3 baby, ZTXofficial, stands as a testament to the platform’s innovative spirit and vision for the future. The introduction of features such as Genesis Homes, Crafting Capsules, Dark Matter, and the ability to craft NFTs, marks the beginning of a new era for ZEPETO and its community. With the open beta now live, the world watches eagerly as ZEPETO carves its niche in the Web3 space, promising a fusion of creativity, ownership, and engagement that could very well shape the future of online interaction and digital asset management.

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