Metaisland: Charting New Territories in the Metaverse and Crypto-Economy

The Metaverse is on the brink of a revolutionary transformation with the introduction of Metaisland, a project that seamlessly blends action-packed gaming with a robust crypto-economy. Developed by a dedicated team of gaming and cryptocurrency professionals over three years, Metaisland promises to redefine the boundaries of digital interaction and entertainment. As excitement builds with the release of an exhilarating new trailer, takes a closer look at what makes Metaisland not just a game but a pioneering venture into a new meta-universe.

A New Dawn in the Metaverse

Prepare for an exciting journey!

Metaisland is not just another addition to the growing list of virtual worlds. It is an ambitious endeavor to create a disruptive meta-universe, where gaming meets a real crypto-economy, supported by an innovative social system. This AAA Metaverse product stands out with its unique concept that caters to both gaming enthusiasts and cryptocurrency aficionados.

Innovative Gaming Experience

A screenshot from the game showing some of the gameplay.

Metaisland brings to the table an immersive gaming experience characterized by real-time balancing, an arsenal of over 35 weapons, more than 20 types of enemies, and a diverse cast of over 200 characters. This rich and dynamic gameplay ensures that each adventure on Metaisland is unique, challenging, and engaging, keeping players on the edge of their seats.

NFT Integration and Rentals

At the heart of Metaisland’s economy are its NFTs, featuring over 70,000 unique trading cards, weapons, and items that can receive temporary improvements. Leveraging the ERC-721 and ERC-1155 standards, these NFTs introduce a layer of strategy and investment not seen in traditional gaming platforms. Furthermore, the innovative NFT rental system allows users to generate passive income, thereby increasing both the scarcity and value of these digital assets.

The Play-to-Earn Model

Metaisland incorporates a play-to-earn model through a franchise system where island owners can purchase $ISL tokens. This model not only incentivizes gameplay but also integrates the crypto-economy into the very fabric of the game, allowing players to earn real value from their in-game achievements and strategies.


Metaisland represents a bold step forward in the evolution of the Metaverse, offering a unique blend of action, strategy, and economic opportunity. By fusing immersive gameplay with a tangible crypto-economy and innovative social systems, Metaisland sets a new standard for what virtual worlds can achieve. As we anticipate its launch, the excitement surrounding Metaisland is a testament to the project’s potential to captivate and inspire a new generation of gamers and crypto-enthusiasts alike. Stay tuned to for the latest updates and insights into Metaisland and the future of the Metaverse.

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