Notcoin’s Meteoric Rise and the Anticipated MetalCore Beta: Shaping the Future of Web3 Gaming

In an era where the fusion of blockchain technology and gaming continues to redefine interactive digital experiences, two names have recently dominated headlines within the Web3 gaming community: Notcoin and MetalCore. Notcoin, a burgeoning force in the blockchain gaming space, has astonishingly surpassed Axie Infinity’s peak user count by a factor of seven, signaling a new pinnacle of success and engagement. Meanwhile, MetalCore, amidst growing anticipation for its beta release, has its CTO urging gamers to temper their expectations regarding release dates, highlighting the unpredictable nature of game development. As we delve deeper into these developments, explores the implications of Notcoin’s remarkable achievement and the cautious optimism surrounding MetalCore’s beta, offering insights into the evolving landscape of Web3 gaming.

Notcoin: Setting New Benchmarks in Web3 Gaming

20M people joined Notcoin in 26 days! Unbelievable!

Notcoin has emerged as a phenomenon within the blockchain gaming sector, achieving unprecedented levels of user engagement. This digital asset has not only captivated a vast audience but has also significantly outperformed Axie Infinity, previously considered the gold standard in Web3 gaming, in terms of peak user count. Notcoin’s success can be attributed to its innovative gameplay mechanics, compelling narrative, and a robust economy that incentivizes both play and investment. By creating a virtual environment that is both entertaining and financially rewarding, Notcoin has set a new benchmark for what is achievable in the realm of blockchain-based gaming.

MetalCore: Navigating the Hype with Prudence

Part of the gameplay in the screenshot.

As excitement builds for the upcoming beta release of MetalCore, a highly anticipated armored combat game set in a dystopian future, the project’s CTO has issued a word of caution. Advising gamers to approach release dates with skepticism, the statement reflects a broader understanding of the challenges and uncertainties inherent in game development. This cautionary stance underscores the commitment of the MetalCore team to quality and player satisfaction, emphasizing that the delivery of a polished and engaging product takes precedence over rushing to meet predetermined deadlines.

Implications for the Web3 Gaming Ecosystem

The trajectories of Notcoin and MetalCore are emblematic of the dynamic and rapidly evolving Web3 gaming ecosystem. Notcoin’s explosive growth underscores the massive potential for blockchain games to attract and retain users, challenging traditional gaming paradigms. On the other hand, MetalCore’s cautious approach to its beta release highlights the importance of managing community expectations and the value of transparency in the development process.


As the Web3 gaming space continues to expand and diversify, projects like Notcoin and MetalCore are at the forefront of this digital revolution, each charting their course with distinct strategies and visions. Notcoin’s unprecedented user engagement marks a significant milestone in blockchain gaming, while MetalCore’s deliberate and thoughtful approach to its beta release represents a maturation of the development ethos within the sector. Together, these developments signal a vibrant and promising future for Web3 gaming, characterized by innovation, community engagement, and a steadfast commitment to enhancing the player experience. As the landscape evolves, remains your go-to source for the latest news, insights, and analysis on the cutting edge of Web3 gaming.

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